Our Virtual Enterprise International firm, Uncommon Ground, was formed in August of 2009 by Mrs. Christa Frost at Clinton High School in Tennessee, with the purpose of selling novelty items. We no longer sell these products; instead, our main focus now, is uncommon tech. Our members are hard-working, passionate about what they do, and are always motivated to continue improving our company.

      Uncommon ground is made up of 6 different teams: Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Web/IT. To learn more about these teams, please visit our Employee Directory. What makes our teams work so well together, is that we are all different and have various ideas and skills to bring to our firm. Our 6 teams can all come together as one to manage any task at hand.

Virtual Enterprise International

What is Virtual Enterprise?

Virtual Enterprise International is an in-school global business simulation. It offers a project-based competitive edge to get students involved in the dynamics of a real business. Students learn and developed skills in entrepreneurship, global business, problem solving, communication, technology and personal finance.

What do you do inside the classroom?

The students with the help of a teacher/mentor create and run the business with departments. The departments include Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Web/IT. There is also a management team that consists of the CEO, CFO and CEO which are selected to manage the departments. The departments work together to sell virtual products to other firms.

What do you get out of it?

The students that participate in Virtual Enterprise get a head start in the business world. They get many contacts to business men and women outside of the classroom, and they develop the skills that are needed in any business.