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Our firm, Uncommon Ground, sells a variety of unique and uncommon merchandise to the everyday person to try and brighten
up their lives. We are committed to having superior quality, fair prices, and excellent service for our customers.
With our ever broadening product lines, dedicated research, and highly skilled work force, we look to please the needs of any customer. However, it takes more than buildings, equipment, and personnel to produce excellence; it takes team spirit.

Milly's Wings.

An important part of a business is to give back to the community. At Uncommon Ground, we work with a non-profit organization called Milly's Wings in order to help give back to our community. The goal of Milly’s Wings is to install a universal playground everyone can access no matter their ability. Milly’s Wings will also offer educational activities to raise the awareness of including individuals in activities, especially those individuals with limitations from special needs.

Thank-You to our corporate sponsor.

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"Our Greatest Glory is not in never falling, but in rising every-time we fall. "
- Confucius secret